Welcome to train radio, a simulated environment in which trains pass continuously in the distance.

If you've lived near a railroad before, or just want something to have on in the background while you get things done, I've got you covered. Enjoy the sounds of several types of trains complete with horns as they pass at varying distances.

Special thanks.

These people have helped the funding of this project in one way or another, whether it be audio material or external resources.

Andrew Klimek has put together this great guide to help get your own liquidsoap powered webradio station online. If your new to liquid soap as I am, I highly recommend it. It can be found here

Special thanks to Ted for allowing me to place microphones outside his house at weird hours of the night in hopes of catching a train!

Thanks also to the liquidsoap development team for liquidsoap, which is what this service uses.

And last, though certainly not least, is the icecast project. I've used this server many, many many times and is what liquidsoap is using to stream the audio from TrainRadio to the web.

Listener resources.

If you want a .m3u playlist file, for use with a media player, you can click here to download one.

If you want to listen directly in a browser, you can click here to listen directly


If you would like to contribute a recording of your own, please know the rules first.

I can be contacted on twitter through the handle @phCrafting. If you don't get a response there, you can also try my personal twitter account @firebird1409. Just mention or message me with a link to your train recording and I'll get it uploaded as long as it meets the terms listed above.

Alternatively, you can email
with a link to your recording. As stated previously as long as it meets the terms above, I will upload it as soon as I can.

Thanks for checking out TrainRadio!